Sex, and Sexuality. If any aspect of your relationship with sex, and/or sexuality is confusing or difficult, I can offer a safe space for you to speak freely, without judgment. As a postgrad psychosexual therapy student I am able to provide bespoke support in this area. Please see Here for further details/examples.

Salford Counselling Latest news

Estranged at Christmas

20th December 2019
Estranged at Christmas Society expects that Christmas is a time for every family to be together, being happy, full of life and activity and sharing connections with loved ones. The reality can be starkly different, whether it’s a disconnect through argument or gradual distancing. Christmas can be a very difficult time for some, highlighting a lack of belonging and sense of contentment. An estrangement

Bullying and Mental Health - Jesy Nelson Documentary

31st October 2019
Jesy Nelson documentary sparks more people to talk about bullying and mental health. Little Mix star Jesy Nelson’s documentary premiered last month and it highlighted her time through X Factor when she was trolled on social media and she is still trolled today. Her self-esteem was so low and she is still recovering from her hurt but she is helping young people who have gone through the same bullying


31st October 2019
According to the Mental Health Foundation nearly 6,000 suicides occurred in the UK in 2017 which means there was one suicide every two hours. Talking about suicide can be difficult and the stigma around it and mental health issues that can cause someone to take their own life, still exist today. Who Does Suicide Affect? Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people ages 20-34 years in

Becoming a Counselling & Psychotherapy Supervisor

8th October 2019
Exciting news at Salford Counselling as Lisa Hartley becomes a Counselling & Psychotherapy Supervisor. Lisa will still see clients for counselling at Salford Counselling but will now be able to offer

Social Media and Self Esteem

26th September 2019
91% of 16-24 year olds use the internet for social networking which has lead to young people becoming more and more aware of both their on-screen image and also in real life. Can self-esteem be effected

Bipolar Disorder

23rd August 2019
Bipolar disorder is the fourth most common mental illness worldwide and in 2013 there were 4 million cases of mood disorders (including bipolar) in the UK but what is bipolar? What are the symptoms? And what can be done to those help living with bipolar and what treatments are available?What Is Bipolar? Bipolar is a mental condition that affects moods and people with the illness can have episodes

Mental Health Calendar

19th August 2019
Whats happening in terms of mental health through 2019 February Time to talk day – first week in Feb – possibly 6th/7th Eating disorders awareness week – 25th Feb – 3rd March Childrens mental health week – 4th – 10th March University mental health day – 7th World bipolar day – 30th April Stress awareness month UK maternal mental health matters awareness week – 29th April

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD

13th August 2019
OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects approximately 1-2% of the UK’s population, which is approximately 675,300 people, but what is OCD? What are the symptoms? What can be done to treat it? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition that involves people having distressing, repetitive and obsessive thoughts which can lead to compulsive behaviours.Who Does OCD Affect?

Stress Counselling

13th August 2019
Stress In 2018, according to the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of people have felt so stressed that they have become overwhelmed and unable to cope. But what is stress? How does it affect a daily routine? And what can be done to treat it? Stress is your body’s response to pressures from a life event or a situation you have experienced. Causes of stress can be far reaching and may be determined by

Depression and Anxiety Therapy

29th July 2019
There are 3 million people living in the UK that have been diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety but what is depression? How is it diagnosed? And what can be done to help coping with the illness? Everyone can feel periods of sadness but depression is different than that. Depression is feeling persistently sad for weeks or months instead of just a few days. People can look at depression and think
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