For Your Child or Young Person

Children and Young People’s counselling provides a safe and confidential space to help you to find a way through the difficulties you may be facing in your life.

Being a young person isn't always easy, particularly with the advent of social media.  Life can become very stressful and tough.  You, or your child may be experiencing difficulties that you feel unable to solve which leaves you feeling distressed,

By offering a non judgemental, supporting environment you, or your child will be able to take the opportunity to take a look at their life experiences and share their thoughts and feelings which will be respected and valued.

You, or your child may not understand how you are feeling.  You might find yourself feeling angry all the time, alone, isolated, often tearful or wanting to hurt yourself.  Your sleep may be broken,  eating habits altered. or friendship groups changing.  When you feel like this, you may be able to access support from family or friends, it is not always possible and it can be scary to ask for help.  I can offer you a safe space to talk about how you are feeling, away from school and home, without fear or judgement which can take away some of the pressure.

Counselling doesn't have to be just talking.  I enjoy working with arts and crafts, shells, sand tray and a while variety of methods - which ever way will be most beneficial for you or your child to help them cope better with their feelings and to enjoy life again. 

I do not give advice, opinion or homework!  

You. as a young person or your child may be having difficulties with:-

Bullying, Behaviour, Abuse, Anger, Sexuality, Friendships, Bereavement/Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Exam Stress, Sadness, Esteem, Gender, Relationships, Pet Bereavement, Divorce,  Family, Social Media  . . . . . . . . . . 

Counselling CAN help!