For You

The counselling approach I use is described as "person centred".  It looks at the way in which individuals perceive themselves. It believes that the client knows themselves best, therefore the emphasis is how a client thinks and feels about themselves, rather than what the “professional” may see. This approach ultimately sees that all humans have the innate tendency to develop towards their full potential. Sometimes though this can become blocked or distorted by certain life experiences, particularly those experiences which affect our sense of value.

I will work towards understanding YOUR experience from YOUR perspective. My aim is to “get you”.

In offering a safe, supportive environment, clients are able to understand their past experiences and how they may affect the way they feel about themselves and their abilities. Providing a neutral, authentic and genuine place clients are able to be open to learning about themselves.

Your personal growth will come from exploring your own strengths and personal identity.

What can I expect?

  • Achieve better self-understanding and awareness
  • Release feelings of guilt, insecurity and defensiveness
  • Find closer agreement between self and actual self
  • Develop healthier relationships
  • Improved self-expression
  • Achieve a healthy sense of change overall