Couple, Relationships

My husband and I were a little apprehensive about 'Couples Therapy' having been married for 15 years, we found ourselves in unfamiliar territory and did not know what to expect.

Lisa, from the second we met her, helped us completely relax and the therapy room in her garden provides a calming environment.  We can honestly say she has taught us both how to communicate and connect with each other properly again.

Lisa does not judge, advise or dictate. She just has this amazing ability to make you see things, relate things, process stuff like no other. We have re-connected as husband and wife and as individuals once again and have a newfound respect for each other as partners.

We found it easy to be very open with Lisa and we would encourage anyone to do the same. We have found her methods invaluable and would not hesitate to recommend her services or even use them again should I/we find we need them.


I came to Lisa finding it difficult to understand myself, stuck in a cycle of anxiety.

I had tried counselling previously but nothing had quite stuck. For the first few sessions I was quite nervous about not knowing where to start but Lisa's calming, non-judgmental, compassionate nature put me at ease. As a result of the safe environment she built (as well as the cosy, calming cabin) I was comfortable in sharing some thoughts and experiences I'd never shared before. Lisa was always led by me and never pressured me to share anything I didn't feel comfortable to.

At a time where I felt very alone, Lisa made me feel heard and understood, I cannot underestimate the impact that has had in finding peace with who I am. Despite our sessions drawing to a close, I will always remember Lisa's life changing support and wouldn't hesitate to get back in touch if I ever needed a counsellor again. 

Low Mood

I had never been to a therapist before and when I first met Lisa, I remember being completely awkward and nervous. I didn’t know what to say or what to begin speaking about as I couldn’t understand why I felt so low. I was at a point in my life where I needed further understanding and Lisa made me feel comfortable enough to open up about issues I had clearly buried. 9 months later I can genuinely say I feel I have progressed so much (and I was surprised that this happened in such a short space of time). Therapy doesn’t “fix you” but it allows you to see the bigger picture, ask yourself hard questions and learn new ways of dealing with situations. I can’t thank Lisa enough for the incredible support she has given me. She is the reason I now feel much stronger as a person. I recommend her a million percent.


I initially sought support from counselling following a complicated bereavement. Lisa not only helped me through this difficult time but helped me address other issues which were contributing to my low mood. These included: family relationships problems, low self-confidence and day to day stresses.

Lisa offered me a safe, supportive environment which enabled me to explore some of the issues which were prolonging my grief; listening and valuing my contribution during our sessions. She has a flexible approach to appointments which was invaluable to me as I work shifts.

Lisa is an exceptionally kind person who was compassionate, caring and sensitive during our therapeutic time together. It was like visiting a ‘professional friend’.

Lisa is an extremely competent, professional and knowledgeable counsellor who I would not hesitate in recommending.


Lisa was recommended to me by a friend. I had never had therapy before and prior to my experience I naively thought It wasn’t something a 32 year old should ‘need’ therefore I was sceptical and nervous at the prospect of opening up to a stranger. However, there was no need, I instantly felt at ease during my first session. Although I originally went with feelings of anxiety and an overwhelming feeling of ‘being stuck’, together with Lisa I was able to slowly uncover the root causes of my issues including self-esteem, confidence and the way I deal with various relationships, amongst others. Throughout Lisa remained non-judgemental and supportive which in turn allowed me to be completely honest making the counselling process much more worthwhile. I continued to see Lisa on a weekly basis for 4 months, returning when I feel the need to talk things over or make sense of certain situations as I know talking things through with her in the warm and welcoming environment she provides will help me make sense of them. I honestly can’t thank Lisa enough for helping me know my worth, providing me with tips on how to deal with different situations and generally making me feel better about myself. I feel in a much happier place and now count Lisa as someone that I can always rely on

Anger Management /Relationships

I decided to book a counselling session with Lisa after I was reacting to little irritations that were getting me down. I was anxious, angry and upset a lot of the time, which I found hard to deal with. I found my sessions with Lisa really helpful. Lisa was a real, steadying influence on me, I found myself being calmer a lot more in situations that I would normally get frustrated with.

I felt very comfortable in her presence and she offered lots of insights each session to help me cope with everyday life.

Depression, Eating Disorder, Relationships

Lisa was recommended to me by a friend who had recognised that I was not coping well with life’s pressures. I was suffering with depression and anxiety whilst also battling an eating disorder.

I’d been to counselling previously and had also received therapy for my eating disorder with little success or progress. However I knew I had got the point where I needed more support and however sceptical, I was open to trying something new.

From the very first session Lisa made me feel safe.

Before the session I was frightened that I wouldn’t know where to begin or how I could possibly explain the amount of ‘mess’ that was going on in my mind but before I knew it, the session had ended and I was able to speak the whole time with very little anxiety around what was discussed.

Lisa guided me through the session allowing me the time and thought to discuss things I had never touched on previously. We were able to address issues and factors that were affecting all areas of my life and work hard to get to the root of my low mood and eating disorder. She enabled me to learn more about myself and truly understand and value myself in ways I had never been able to before.

Over the course of each week I began to feel like we were on a journey together. I never felt pressured and was able to trust Lisa completely with the most intimate parts of my life.

At times I found things difficult and emotionally draining but I would not be in the place I am today if it weren’t for Lisa’s constant care and support. I’m so glad I didn’t give up.


Lisa is an extremely compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental counsellor.

I have been seeing Lisa, off and on, for a number of years, to help me work through and understand some of my personal difficulties. I have found Lisa's input extremely beneficial and it is comforting to know that I have someone who I can turn to when I am finding things difficult.

Lisa's cabin is warm, cosy and inviting so I feel secure and relaxed, making it easier for me to open up whilst I am there. She genuinely cares about her clients and I have recommended her to other people who have said the same.

Supporting a Partner with Mental Health Issues

I had been looking for support for my partner for some time, but due to his condition he refused to go or would go to someone once and then never again. It was only after reaching breaking point that I realised although he needed help, I did too. I had been trying to juggle life, a career, significant debt and my partners mental health all on my own and I had reached my limit. I’m a very positive and capable person, I had walked around with the weight of the world on my shoulders for 2 years without really telling a soul that I was drowning with absolutely no way out.

I had no reservations seeing a professional, all I knew was I needed someone I could trust to talk to because I had started to feel constantly paranoid that if I said anything to anyone it would upset my partner and cause more stress.

Lisa was welcoming and instantly made me feel comfortable, I felt as though I was ranting non-stop each session. Lisa doesn’t give advice, judge or share her opinion – but she does ask you questions, very pertinent questions that you won’t be able to answer straight away. Those questions and the ability to trust someone was phenomenally helpful for me. After each session I would feel brighter, lighter and a little closer to realising I was in a very challenging situation for which a decision needed to be made. A far cry from where I was in the first session where I honestly felt like I was losing my mind.

I’m extremely grateful for my sessions with Lisa, I know if I ever feel remotely ‘off’ again that I can go back to her and she will help me see a path amongst the trees.


I came to see Lisa initially a student counsellor for two reasons. Firstly, I had some personal things going on that I wanted and needed to explore further for my own well-being, and secondly because spending time in therapy is a key part of training as a counsellor as it is important that I look after myself to be able to give the best to my clients. I have had various types of counselling/therapy previously and chose Lisa this time because upon meeting her, I found an almost immediate warmth and connection and I tend to go with my gut instinct about these things. I am now qualified myself, however I have continued to work with her on an ad-hoc basis and appreciate her patience, insight and honesty. She “gets me”.


Even after only a few sessions (5) with Lisa I can categorically say that they changed my life. After an extremely abusive relationship, the C.B.T. to literally just building my confidence in who I am as a person. I continued to work on myself after I had finished with our sessions, keeping everything we had looked at in mind.

Lisa made me feel like I could not only go on, but live again and be proud of who I was. Seeing her was the best decision I ever made in life. I am very very grateful, thank you Lisa


I think counselling is difficult no matter how old you are, how you feel or why you decide to reach out. When I first made the decision to ‘try’ counselling I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous about speaking to a stranger about something that was so personal to me. I was worried that because I didn’t quite know what was happening or what the issue was that I would have nothing to say. I knew that the coping mechanisms I had in place were unhealthy and ultimately adding to my depression and suicidal thoughts. Very quickly counselling replaced those and in turn made me believe that I could turn my life around. Lisa made me feel welcome, heard, understood and supported throughout. At times I found it really difficult to express how I was feeling but the counselling allowed me to find my voice. I feel very lucky to have worked alongside Lisa in tackling my demons. She is incredibly professional and dedicated which shows in every session. Counselling is an invaluable experience and has without a doubt made a difference.


I have been seeing Lisa for counselling every two weeks since July last year. Like most, I was apprehensive about taking this step, but knew I had to try something. I searched a counselling directory, which was an intimidating task in itself, and whilst there were plenty of highly-qualified therapists, I kept being drawn back to Lisa’s profile. There was something honest, warm and heartfelt about her words and she has, what I call, a kind face! I’d tried counselling previously and for various reasons it just didn’t click, but with Lisa you’re very quickly made to feel at ease and soon the guards came down. She is probably the one person in my life who I can be unreservedly honest with, brutally so. Whilst I always feel a little nervous before each session, I am never stuck for things to explore.

It’s difficult to gauge the impact these sessions are having: I know it’s a long game and there are no quick fixes. But with every session, no matter how hopeless I am feeling at that point in time, I always feel that that time for me was worthwhile. I come away knowing myself a little better; see something from a different perspective and new coping strategies to try. It can be challenging at times and definitely draining, but I keep going. Thank you Lisa, for your continued patience and kindness.


I felt comfortable & relaxed while confiding in you, presenting a non-judgmental & focused attitude at all times in relation to my issues & that the outdoor wooden cabin is a lovely touch, resulting in my opening up even more freely than maybe so in an otherwise ordinary indoor space. I would definitely recommend Lisa as a counsellor in the Salford and surrounding areas.