**Coronavirus Alert** I am now able to offer Face to Face Sessions again with hand washing and social distancing measures in place. I am also continuing to work with clients on the telephone or remotely if you prefer. Please feel free to discuss your options and precautionary measures with me using the contact page

Salford Counselling Latest news

Anxiety Counselling

9th July 2019
It is now estimated that 7,900 adults are likely to have extreme anxiety in Salford - but what is anxiety and are there different kinds? Anxiety is a mental health condition which is a feeling of unease (which can be worry or fear) which affects people who can suffer on a daily basis. We all have times of stress and anxiety in our lives but when it starts to affect us on a day to day basis, support

Couple's Counselling

1st July 2019
Couple’s Counselling It can take a lot for couples to decide that they need counselling to help with their relationship, but it can be a big stepping stone to making things better. Scary statistics indicate that, “42% of marriages end in divorce”, “60% of opposite sex marriages end before the 20th wedding anniversary”, and “the length of marriage at the time of divorce being 12.2 years”.

Men’s Health Week

11th June 2019
Mental health can affect any one, any gender, race and age, however, research has shown certain mental illnesses can affect men and women differently. Men’s Health Week is used to raise awareness of men’s mental health. Stigma around men’s mental health is still around but more men are now getting help; only 36% of men access psychological therapies. However, some men fail to recognise the warning

Self Hypnosis

28th May 2019
5 Deep Breaths Technique(Diaphragmatic Breathing) Whether you use our hypnotherapy services or those of another therapist, you can also practice self hypnosis techniques to help you relax and relieve stress. This technique should be practiced daily for 5 minutes. Practicing will enhance the success of your hypnosis session. Whenever you wish to re-enter a state of relaxation, make yourself as comfortable

Mental Health Awareness Week

9th May 2019
Mental Health Awareness Week is a week in the UK intended to raise awareness of mental health and its issues, helping to promote good mental health for all. Mental Health Awareness Week was first run by the Mental Health Foundation in 2001 and would take place this year between 13th - 19th May 2019. During Mental Health Awareness Week, events are set up around the country by many organisations in
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