Students going home for Christmas

6th December 2020 2 min read

Thousands of university students are going back home this week for Christmas; three weeks earlier than they had planned. The term is being cut short due to the government announcement that all students are to go home between 2nd December – 9th December to reduce the infection rate of coronavirus over the Christmas break. All teaching has now moved online so that students can complete the final weeks of the term at home. All students are advised to be tested for coronavirus before they return home to ensure the safety of their families.

Universities are providing free coronavirus tests for students who are not showing any symptoms and are urging students to go home as soon as possible, if they receive a negative test result.

What impact might this have?

Moving back home during a term, whilst still being set work and having online lectures to attend, is going to disrupt the flow of students’ studies. Students may feel anxious about continuing their studies online as they may not have access to a calm working environment. Some students may feel overwhelmed with the amount of changes they need to make to their usual routine to adapt to the new challenge of studying from home. With increased distractions and potential interruptions at home, some may find it difficult to remain focused on their studies and lose motivation to continue with the work.

If you are a student and are worried about continuing your studies for the remainder of this term at home, then Salford Counselling can help. It is important to remember that these are extremely challenging times and you must give yourself credit for studying during a pandemic; that is something to be really proud of. Talk to your family members and people at home about your studies and arrange some strategies to help you feel supported whilst studying at home. Consider writing a to-do list every day so that you have clear aims for the day and to help keep you on top of your workload.

Salford Counselling can help

If you need someone to talk to about studying at home or any worries regarding studying, I can help. I am a counsellor based in Manchester with lots of experience to support you. I am offering socially distanced face-to-face sessions, but I am also available to support you via a remote video session on Zoom or a telephone call if you would prefer. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your options.