Employment for graduates

29th June 2020 1 min read

During the coronavirus pandemic, students have continued to work hard to meet required deadlines and graduation. A lot of final year students are now looking for employment but because of the economy, the job market is limited. Student nurses in their final year were also asked to help on the frontline but now may not be paid for their work towards saving lives. 

What is next for students?

It can be daunting graduating from university and transitioning into the world of work, but now the pandemic has made the job search even harder.

Finishing a degree during a pandemic may impact on your mental health, especially if you are far away from family. Staying in touch with people can help your mental health.

After the weight of university is lifted and a student finishes their degree, the looming anxiety of finding a job as soon as they finish can be scary. The worry they feel is a completely natural response. Many students feel this way when they finish university, but this worry may be heightened because of the ongoing pandemic.

Reach out to people who are close to you if you feel you need help with your mental health. Speaking to your university for help is also a good support system which is catered for students.

You can also speak to me here at Salford Counselling. I am able to offer face to face counselling sessions again now with social distancing measures in place but, I can support you with telephone and remote video session via Zoom too if you prefer. I am counsellor based in Manchester so please feel free to contact me to discuss your options.