Mental Health Awareness Week

9th May 2019 1 min read

Mental Health Awareness Week is a week in the UK intended to raise awareness of mental health and its issues, helping to promote good mental health for all.

Mental Health Awareness Week was first run by the Mental Health Foundation in 2001 and would take place this year between 13th - 19th May 2019.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, events are set up around the country by many organisations in order to raise awareness of mental health issues.

An increasing number of businesses host events to raise money for this cause along with schools and local community groups.

There are of course many fundraising events you can become involved in or maybe you would like to set up your own fund-raising scheme for next years event. This can range from walks, marathons, sponsored events to small race nights at your local club.

The Mental Health Foundation is a charity which relies on fundraising and donations to provide a service and campaigns for good mental health for everyone. Their main fundraising initiative for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 is Curry & Chaat which is simply intended for friends to get together with friends and enjoy a curry and chat whilst raising funds. Of course, the chat can be very beneficial for those feeling down and ensures a feeling inclusion and being needed.

Salford Counselling

Here at Salford Counselling, we support any initiative that helps improve people’s general health and well-being. The Mental Health Foundation serves an extremely useful purpose and small counselling practices such as ours offers a local, ‘real’ person you can speak to, supporting Mental Health Foundation initiatives. With the rise in mental health problems for people in general, such services have never been so important.

If you feel you need to talk and are experiencing issues you struggle to resolve, please do not hesitate to Contact Lisa here.