Financial worries and job security

29th June 2020 1 min read

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, financial worries have been at the forefront of our minds, causing anxiety for people. The Government report that we are in a recession which means the economy has taken a huge hit. With jobs on the line, people working from home, and essential workers having to make decisions made on financial rather than safety, money can be tight.

1.3 million people have claimed for unemployment benefits since the lockdown started in March. With the uncertainty of what will happen with peoples’ work, worries and anxiety will be running high which is a completely natural response.

What will the new normal be like

Nobody really knows when we will go back to ‘normal’ and jobs and employment will come under scrutiny from employers, so it seems reasonable to take a moment to worry about what will happen in the future and work out what we will do next.

It was recently announced that student nurses would not be paid after caring for us throughout the coronavirus outbreak which will cause a strain and worry for a lot of young people.

Using the benefits system in the UK can help those worrying about money and those who may have lost their job.

During these times it is best to stay in touch with loved ones who can offer support and guidance on your anxieties. If you are worried about money or your job speak to someone close to you or an expert. They may be able to assist you on what to do next and give you some peace of mind.

Salford Counselling can Help

You can also speak to me here at Salford Counselling. I am able to offer face to face counselling sessions again now with social distancing measures in place but, I can support you with telephone and remote video session via Zoom too if you prefer. I am counsellor based in Manchester so please feel free to contact me to discuss your options.