Couple's Counselling

1st July 2019 2 min read

Couple’s Counselling

It can take a lot for couples to decide that they need counselling to help with their relationship, but it can be a big stepping stone to making things better. Scary statistics indicate that, “42% of marriages end in divorce”, “60% of opposite sex marriages end before the 20th wedding anniversary”, and “the length of marriage at the time of divorce being 12.2 years”. In reality, the percentage of marriages ending in divorce seems to be falling. Couple’s counselling can have amazing benefits - in a survey over 98% of couples said that they received good or excellent therapy. No matter what couples need counselling for it has been proved to be worthwhile.

The Need for Couple's Counselling

Each couple can have their own reasons for wanting help within the relationship. These can include arguing, sexual difficulties, finances, child-care, parenting, family relationships, living with adultery and affairs. It is found that people find it harder to admit they need Couple’s Counselling rather than Individual Counselling. Getting over that threshold of being scared or finding it hard to come to terms with the need for counselling, can give a couple the control they need to make the relationship work. Beginning this process can often allow couples to feel relief in taking that first step to making changes in the relationship. The counselling can be done together or separately depending on circumstances and choices.

Couples counselling allows each person in the relationship to understand the needs of the other, enabling a broader knowledge of their thoughts, feelings and actions in relation to self and others. It is a way of coping with change in the relationship whether that is to do with feelings or to do with a change in environment such as a new job etc. It is also a way to look at how couples avoid pain within the relationship and also throughout other aspects of the life they share. Counselling affords couples a safe, boundaried, confidential space, to encourage exploration of themselves within the relationship, including communication, behaviour patterns, expectations and how to express themselves and their needs, allowing the relationship to improve.

Start Counselling Sooner

It has been shown that the sooner that the couples take that step into counselling the easier it is for them to engage in the sessions and further reap the rewards afterwards. A lot also reported that they improved their physical health as well as their mental health which allowed them to function better after receiving that therapy.

Salford Counselling offers counselling for couples, regardless of who you are in that couple with - you may be married, living together, separated, gay, bi/pansexual, straight or transgender. No matter what problem, or what couple, Salford Counselling can help so please Contact Us for a confidential chat