Children’s Counselling

29th July 2019 2 min read

The Mental Health Foundation have now found that nearly 1 in 9 children and young people aged 5-16 are affected by a mental health problem. The stigma with the mental health of young people can make it hard for them to speak out and receive the help they need and deserve.

Counselling for children and young people can be very helpful and can provide a safe space for them to talk about their difficulties without receiving any judgement. In the 21st century, the increased use of technology and “virtual living”, young people have more to worry about than ever before. With the rise of social media and cyberbullying, children are now more likely to struggle with self-esteem and confidence difficulties.

Young people will have many reasons as to why they are upset, feeling low or need help. Some of these reasons can be, bullying, behaviour, abuse, friendships, bereavement, anxiety, exam stress, depression, anger, relationships, divorce, family and esteem.

Children’s counselling is based on the same approach as counselling adults using the core conditions of congruence, unconditional positive regard and empathy to facilitate a trusting relationship but here at Salford Counselling, I take pride in meeting the challenge of finding an appropriate way to engage the children and young people of Salford and Manchester. Sessions will be age appropriate, with approach, length and method all being considered. One size certainly doesn’t fit all and I use arts and crafts, therapeutic play, sand tray and visual prompts to help the young person to express their feelings. Engaging children and families in therapy and therapeutic play can be hugely beneficial in working towards the expression of un-accessed/un-acknowledged feelings.

The counsellor and the child/young person will consider the options together and learn what will be best for them.

The benefits of counselling for children and young people include coping with everyday worries, improving behaviour, relationships with friends, family members and teachers and helping with self-harm, depression, anxiety and grief.

As a parent you will always want was is best for your child, but you may not understand why your child is feeling as they do or have ways of managing your own feelings alongside those of your child. Counselling can enable your child or young person to better communicate their thoughts and feelings and hopefully help them to enjoy life again. Even if you think the matter is small it is still important that they get the help they need.

Help is available and here at Salford Counselling we offer Children’s and Young Person’s Counselling to help your child get through every day. Please contact us for an initial, confidential consultation.