Bullying and Mental Health - Jesy Nelson Documentary

31st October 2019 2 min read

Jesy Nelson documentary sparks more people to talk about bullying and mental health.

Little Mix star Jesy Nelson’s documentary premiered last month and it highlighted her time through X Factor when she was trolled on social media and she is still trolled today. Her self-esteem was so low and she is still recovering from her hurt but she is helping young people who have gone through the same bullying nightmare.

Ditch the Label released their anti-bullying survey in 2018. 22% of the young people surveyed had experienced bullying and 22% have witnessed someone else being bullied. 50% of those young people who were bullied said they felt depressed and 34% had suicidal thoughts.

Types of Bullying

There are many types of bullying one of them is physical bullying. This is causing physical hurt towards someone which can include hitting, kicking or pushing.

Verbal bullying is another type of bullying. If someone is verbally bullying you they are using their words to hurt you.

Social bullying is another type and it is harder to recognise than other types of bullying. It includes spreading rumours, encouraging others to socially exclude someone or playing nasty jokes on someone.

Cyber bullying is another type and is very common with the rise of social media. This type of bullying includes sending hurtful messages online (including comments on photos).

Jesy Nelson Shares her Experience of Bullying

Jesy shares her experience of cyber bullying in the documentary and outs celebrities, such as Katie Hopkins for what they said to her. She spoke about how much is affected her mental health and was taking anti-depressants.

The effects of bullying range dependent upon how long the bullying has gone on for. But mental illness is a common effect of bullying, changes in sleep patterns and eating patterns.

What can I do about Bullying?

If you see anyone being bullied, online or in real life, report it to someone or report the comment online. If you are being bullied report it to someone straight away. Jesy Nelson explained speaking to someone about her mental health as if she was throwing those thoughts away. This could be the same if you are being bullied.

What Next?

Although you should speak to someone to put a stop to bullying, the effects can last a long time even when the bullying may have actually stopped. This is because it can have an affect on your long term mental health.

If you are still suffering you should speak to an expert in dealing with these issues. this may be your doctor or a Counsellor.  Feel free to Contact Us in confidence and arrange a consultation.